My week in links…

Another mad week, as always. I have moved from the box room to the front bedroom, so now my bed is as big as my old room. I have a desk, and shelves, and drawers and everything! My back is very grateful for the desk. This means that whenever I’ve wanted to take a break from moving furniture and organising belongings, I’ve been parked at my desk looking deep in to the internet. I’ll not be linking to everything awesome that I came across, because you’ve got the internet, go look for yourself! Also, I doubt anyone has enough time. So here are a few selected highlights.

A big long list of free ebooks. Lots of classics that are on my list of “to read” that I now wont have to pay for.

A looping gif of waves lapping at a beach during sunset, with the sounds to accompany. If you’re me, you will find this lovely and relaxing, right up until you see the gif loop.

Sculptures. Of landscapes. Made from books. I try to think about how one would set about doing this, and my mind melts and pours out of my ears.

A sweet project that I’m sure I’ve looked at before, but it falls under the same heart-warming, sentimental loveliness as Postsecret does. Before I die…

A small puzzle game that I’ve been going back to again and again. Cuuuurvy.

Top 10 “classic adventures” in the UK (according to someone from the USA who seems to think that the UK is just Wales, Scotland, or ‘within easy reach of London’)
Which I mostly enjoy because I like to imagine that I’ve got the time and money to go off and do them all. Also, the website occasionally asks you to log in. But still… ADVENTURES!

As a bonus to those still reading, here is a photo of what happens when I’m left for an afternoon with a white wall, some masks, and a light kit.


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