Rolling on!

I have been living at my mum’s now for almost a month, and things are on the up and up in many ways. There are jobs to apply for (today I sent off an application to work at the Crucible). But in even better news, I will be shooting the National Youth Theatre next week! It was a brief I applied for through IdeasTap, and it’s all working out fairly wonderfully! Helen Maybanks is the main photographer, then I’m one of 5 assistants. Terribly exciting. I’ve also started selling tote bags on etsy with illustrations on (here).
Meanwhile, have some links to things on the  internet that I’ve been looking at at some point in the past.

Next week is also my dad’s wedding, though there wont be any photos from me from that. Mostly I’m working on proposals for the Sky Arts Ignition: Futures Fund (£30,000), and the Ideas Fund Innovators (£1000). Trying to get a fashion shoot organised too, but the most difficult part is finding a place to shoot. I’d like to get in a studio, but no cash to hire one. Massive pain. I’ll figure something out.

ANYWAY, lastly lastington; since moving, I’ve been encouraged to start practising drawing again. It’s a great waste of time. Not that I think it’s pointless, I just mean I get in to it and time just passes. I accidentally spent a day drawing something that was meant to be a quick doodle. Here it is.

2 Responses to “Rolling on!”
  1. xsgerry says:

    Lovely ‘doodle’! However I’m even more impressed by the doodle you did under it ffor a full colour trailer for Conan the barbarian!

  2. Sibel Catana says:

    WOW, that is a doodle? It’s amazing!

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