I can only apologise for the hiatus, it’s not uncommon for people to give up when they’ve started a blog, but I haven’t. However, there will probably be a wider range of content than before, I was being very constricting with myself about what I could or couldn’t post about, and that was unhelpful. Having an idea for a blog post, then ruling it out because it wasn’t the type of thing I’d originally planned on including, was a waste of some good ideas.

So I’m back, it’s 2012 (set to be a great year, and yes I realise it’s already February) and yesterday I received the great news that I am going to be spending 6 months, starting March, working for the National Trust at Clumber Park, as their Contemporary Arts Intern.

I’m outrageously excited, and nervous, but I have until March to prepare myself. I predict that most of this time will be spent trying not to panic, and wondering how I am going to pay off my credit card or overdraft when I’m working a full time unpaid internship; but that’s not the point right now! It’s great news. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a part time job for a couple of evenings a week. Or I’ll have to sell a kidney. Would YOU like a kidney?

I’ll also consider selling prints, drawings, any other organs I can get out, and my soul.

I also bought a cheap flash to fit on my camera, and this is what happened.


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