My week in links…

Another mad week, as always. I have moved from the box room to the front bedroom, so now my bed is as big as my old room. I have a desk, and shelves, and drawers and everything! My back is very grateful for the desk. This means that whenever I’ve wanted to take a break … Continue reading

March arrived!

March has arrived, with no start date for the National Trust job as yet, but I’ve bought a shirt and a suit blazer nonetheless. Other things that have happened since last I posted: I painted the vacant front bedroom, in preparation for my moving in, although I’ve also no idea how soon that will be. … Continue reading


I can only apologise for the hiatus, it’s not uncommon for people to give up when they’ve started a blog, but I haven’t. However, there will probably be a wider range of content than before, I was being very constricting with myself about what I could or couldn’t post about, and that was unhelpful. Having … Continue reading

Shooting the National Youth Theatre

So, this time last week was the National Youth Theatre two day shoot-a-thon at Park Hill in Sheffield, all thanks to IdeasTap. I applied and along with 4 others, got to meet up with Helen Maybanks and spend two days running round Park Hill with 250 NYT members and crew! The other winners were Jeni, … Continue reading

video for indiegogo

Sorry it’s been so long, I know you’ve all missed me terribly (ha-ha). I’ve been working and visiting family, since I’ve actually had a couple of days off where I didn’t have a cold (my grandma is 91, I’m not risking visiting her with a cold, no way). ANYWAY, today I’ve made a video. I … Continue reading

I’m going away

So, I’m popping my posting cherry to share the fact that I’m going away, which is rather apt considering the name of the blog. As of Wednesday 2nd February I will be in the good old U.S. of A for 3 months, traveling around mostly by bus, starting in Portland, Maine, and finishing in San … Continue reading