Just another update with links to what I’ve been poking around in the past couple of days. Mostly photographers websites today, rather than the usual ‘linking to other blogs’ thing. Found a few interesting photographers by poking through the other entries in ‘s “big” competition. (it’s on facebook here) You post a photo and … Continue reading


Yes, it’s been a few days since my last post, but honestly I’ve been ill and running around like a mad person. Happy 7th Birthday to my favourite restaurant ever, Wasabisabi, whose birthday party I was at on Tuesday with a plethora of Sheffield’s socialites. It was tasty. Then on Saturday I made myself … Continue reading

looking at this week…

Just some links of things that I’ve been looking at, reading, watching or enjoying this week. I’m becoming more and more obsessed with grants, though I know my work isn’t even vaguely developed enough to try to get grants. I’m kicking myself for my poor timing. This time last year I was in the … Continue reading


This accurately sums up about 80% of my leisure time in France. Click the photos to see them bigger on Flickr.

I went away (then accidentally came back)

So Lucy is off in America (in West Philadelphia as of yesterday), and two weeks ago I quit my job in Paris. It was never ideal, but the boss kept asking me to do more, while at the same time taking away things (stopping paying for navigo but asking me to start weekends!). I considered … Continue reading

I’m going away

So, I’m popping my posting cherry to share the fact that I’m going away, which is rather apt considering the name of the blog. As of Wednesday 2nd February I will be in the good old U.S. of A for 3 months, traveling around mostly by bus, starting in Portland, Maine, and finishing in San … Continue reading

Cindy Sherman interview – T’Guardian.

When I was 18 and studying engineering I did a “365 days of me” project on flickr. As embarrassing as most of the photos are, some of them aren’t terrible. The worst thing about it was that when people find out you’ve ever done a self portrait there is an immediate comparison to Cindy Sherman. … Continue reading

Mary Ellen Mark on Street Photography

Video with an interview with Mary Ellen Mark’s take on Street photography. Only 3 and a half minutes. Watch and listen. It’s an exert from Cheryl Dunn’s excellent new documentary on New York street photography, “Everybody Street,”. I like that she says it’s harder to be a woman than a man, but there are … Continue reading


Summer 2010 – three months in Bourne on the dole. Signing on in Stamford. A friend got married.


I was born in Nottingham. I grew up in Bourne, Lincolnshire. I went to university in Sheffield. I’ve moved to Paris. After the summer I’m moving to Vietnam. After that I’m planning a trip to Russia. This is not a blog or a journal, this is just a place for me to write things down … Continue reading