Shooting the National Youth Theatre

So, this time last week was the National Youth Theatre two day shoot-a-thon at Park Hill in Sheffield, all thanks to IdeasTap. I applied and along with 4 others, got to meet up with Helen Maybanks and spend two days running round Park Hill with 250 NYT members and crew! The other winners were Jeni, … Continue reading

Rolling on!

I have been living at my mum’s now for almost a month, and things are on the up and up in many ways. There are jobs to apply for (today I sent off an application to work at the Crucible). But in even better news, I will be shooting the National Youth Theatre next week! … Continue reading

Moving again…

After returning from France due to a whole heap of different things, I settled in to life in Bourne awaiting NHS treatment. Living with my dad and his fiancĂ©e. There are a million things less than idea about that arrangement, and when I found out that the waiting list for my CBT had gone up … Continue reading

it’s a big one…

I’ve managed to hoard a load of links to things that I’ve been looking at that I think other people should look at. First things first! I’ve done another video to promote my indiegogo project (though I’m unsure if it will help convince people, or put them off) but here I am, with the prints … Continue reading

A few things…

First, I have opened an account on (a bit like kickstarter, but not only for the US), and I have put up a proposal on there in an attempt to raise some money to help me complete some work and get some kit that is just unaffordable while I’m in Bourne and stuck with … Continue reading

looking at this week…

Just some links of things that I’ve been looking at, reading, watching or enjoying this week. I’m becoming more and more obsessed with grants, though I know my work isn’t even vaguely developed enough to try to get grants. I’m kicking myself for my poor timing. This time last year I was in the … Continue reading

I went away (then accidentally came back)

So Lucy is off in America (in West Philadelphia as of yesterday), and two weeks ago I quit my job in Paris. It was never ideal, but the boss kept asking me to do more, while at the same time taking away things (stopping paying for navigo but asking me to start weekends!). I considered … Continue reading