Moving again…

After returning from France due to a whole heap of different things, I settled in to life in Bourne awaiting NHS treatment. Living with my dad and his fiancée. There are a million things less than idea about that arrangement, and when I found out that the waiting list for my CBT had gone up from 6 months to a year, I was a bit relieved as that meant I had time to go elsewhere & do other things before that started. I was frankly beyond bored of being told to “get a job” when I already had a job, and told that I hadn’t got another job because I was a lazy liar. Moving swiftly on. I’m now in a box room at my mum’s house with my sister and her boyfriend. I have an awful lot of stuff in this room, and I’m a bit too tall for the single bed, but the atmosphere is much more relaxed. I’m just doing the fun part where you’re finding your way around a new area. I’ve got to find some work now I’m here, and I’ve not the faintest idea where to go or what’s around. You might well get more posts seeing as I’m allowed to do this kind of thing again.
Have a photo.


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