it’s a big one…

I’ve managed to hoard a load of links to things that I’ve been looking at that I think other people should look at. First things first!

I’ve done another video to promote my indiegogo project (though I’m unsure if it will help convince people, or put them off) but here I am, with the prints that are up for grabs, on my roof. a 5×7 print costs $25 (only 26 left), and an 8×12 print costs $50 (only 14 left).

BigCityPress is taking submissions, and I’m thinking of going for that (what’s the worst that can happen?)

A great article about crowdfunding (photojournalism) by David Campbell. READ IT.

If you haven’t seen the awesome photos of the AWESOME monuments to… ermm… well.. communism? Well.. they’re really great, and if I wasn’t already planning on visiting Yugoslavia/Latvia/Poland/Russia then this would probably persuade me.

A photo essay about Chernobyl, doing the rounds (I assume) because everyone’s worrying about nuclear after the whole terrible business in Japan.
Another Chernobyl related photo essay, but this is about “liquidators” and about the men who were brought in to clean up the mess after the disaster.

And that’s your lot for now! Hope you enjoy looking through them as much as I did, and that you have a look at my indiegogo page and consider buying a print (even if only to help annoy the gubbins out of my very traditional family, who are currently trying to make me get a “proper job”).


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