A few things…

First, I have opened an account on indiegogo.com (a bit like kickstarter, but not only for the US), and I have put up a proposal on there in an attempt to raise some money to help me complete some work and get some kit that is just unaffordable while I’m in Bourne and stuck with a job that doesn’t guarantee many hours. (some weeks 30 hours, some weeks 8 hours…). Anyway, it’ll be helping towards my continuing Women’s Institute project, and in kicking off my Crown Green Bowling project, and continue my Bourne project. Obviously I think it’s a good cause, but just take a look. If you’re also a photographer, then it’s not a bad idea to sign up and start a project of your own, because you never know who might find your project and help you out!


Next up is a take on self portraiture that I quite like. http://alimobasser.com/index.php?/observations/look-at-me/

Last, but by no means least, is a link to an old friend’s blog. He gets up to all sorts of things. He’s been in Uganda for a while, and although he is at home in Wales RIGHT NOW… He’s jetting off to Poland in a couple of days. Consider me jealous. Read his stuff, I hate him because it’s good. http://themzungudiaries.wordpress.com/

2 Responses to “A few things…”
  1. Muzungu says:

    Thank you Kate! Have you asked the Rotary Club about funding? Your local one might give you some cash in return for you acknowledging them as funders and giving a talk at one of their meetings.

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