well, well, well…

I’m not bragging or anything, but I was pleased to find out that my work was featured on the “theprintspace” blog. The Print Space are actually very, very lovely. Once I have my laptop screen calibrated, and my negs scanned in at a reasonable quality, (and a ton of cash,) I’m going to get lots and lots of prints from them. Because they’re lovely. (and also very good). http://www.theprintspace.co.uk/blog/kate-pearson/

I’ve been poking around John-Paul Pietrus’s website, it’s quite lovely fashion stuff (and I’m fairly bleurgh about fashion stuff). Bit annoyed about the awful jpg compression on all the images… kind of takes the shine off them! But just some lovely stuff. Makes me want to get my favourite fashion gal Daisy Donohoe down to Lincolnshire for a shoot. Maybe when it’s warmer. Anyway- LOOK http://www.johnpaulpietrus.com/

Just a link to a bloke’s website, he started following me on twitter, and I had a nosey around his website, and I quite like it. http://www.mattwjennings.com/

Also, I feel I have to mention that I’ve just finished reading John Wyndham’s “The day of the Triffids”, and now I’m scared of small trees and large plants. What a fantastic book.


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