Just another update with links to what I’ve been poking around in the past couple of days. Mostly photographers websites today, rather than the usual ‘linking to other blogs’ thing. Found a few interesting photographers by poking through the other entries in ‘s “big” competition. (it’s on facebook here) You post a photo and there’s a chance to have your photo printed 50″ on the shortest side, which is frankly HUGE. What I liked poking through was looking at the photos people choose to enter. Some of them were good photos, but why the hell would you want to print it at such a large size? I amused myself for a while anyway. I’m keeping busy. Anyway some people had some really good stuff, and linked to their website, and I poked around a bit more. I also did my usual poking around on twitter and following links & stumbling around the internet like a drunk toddler, finding things.  There’s been a lot of poking. You should also do some poking through these.

I’m also going to take this opportunity to express my large amount of jealous for anyone who has been to format 11. I’m beginning to feel like I miss a lot of really great stuff that’s not really very far away. I was living in Paris during Paris photo, but was I there? No, I was visiting England for graduation or something equally pointless. However, I doubt there’s much call for photography festivals in Bourne, or more accessibly, Peterborough. Better luck next year.


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