Yes, it’s been a few days since my last post, but honestly I’ve been ill and running around like a mad person.

Happy 7th Birthday to my favourite restaurant ever, Wasabisabi, whose birthday party I was at on Tuesday with a plethora of Sheffield’s socialites. It was tasty. http://www.wasabisabi.co.uk/

Then on Saturday I made myself ridiculously happy by borrowing enough money to go see Ben Folds play in the o2 academy in Sheffield. Really ridiculously happy. If I had a milk obsession before, it’s doubled now. I also bumped in to my 3rd year photography tutor there, which was lovely! He reminded me to “keep at it”, which I needed.

The application deadline for the international award for the London street photography award is 31st March 2011 so get cracking if that’s your bag! Info on prizes & judges and whatnot all on the website. http://londonstreetphotographyfestival.org/

Non photography things that have been taking up my spare time include a very addictive game by the talented Bart Bonte, http://bartbonte.com/sugarsugar/ another game about the Great Gatsby. Amazing. http://greatgatsbygame.com/ and a combination of two songs that shouldn’t work together, but does. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNUTYHJrutw

That is about all for now, I’m going back to writing my proposals to the British Crown Green Bowling Association and the local PVC gimp suit manufacturer. My life is strange and wonderful.


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