looking at this week…

Just some links of things that I’ve been looking at, reading, watching or enjoying this week.


I’m becoming more and more obsessed with grants, though I know my work isn’t even vaguely developed enough to try to get grants. I’m kicking myself for my poor timing. This time last year I was in the middle of doing my final project for university, and told myself “this time next year, I’ll be applying for grants!”





This is a little article, but it has a video! WATCH IT.


Been looking at the Inge Morath award for over a year. One day I will apply. ONE DAY. (unfortunately it reminds me of mentioning this award to a fellow student, who then complained about how it was only for women and how unfair that was. Yes. Hm.)


I need all the help I can get applying for grants etc. There is a very specific skill in writing CVs, applications and grants.

Also, on the BBC, all of the Horizon programs have been good, but the episode “What is reality?” bent my mind, and I like that. Also worth watching the episodes of “the beauty of books”. Even if you don’t like bibles or history, looking at books from 300AD is amazing.

Also really worth checking out the World Press Photography award winner: http://www.worldpressphoto.org


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