I went away (then accidentally came back)

So Lucy is off in America (in West Philadelphia as of yesterday), and two weeks ago I quit my job in Paris. It was never ideal, but the boss kept asking me to do more, while at the same time taking away things (stopping paying for navigo but asking me to start weekends!). I considered that my final straw, accepted it really wasn’t going to get any better, and got over the quitting part ASAP, knowing that she needed me for a while. More fool me for trying to do the right thing, on the Wednesday (the day I quit) I had a month’s notice, by Thursday, that was down to a week and a half, by Friday night I was booking a eurostar ticket for the next day. Needless to say I’m less than thrilled to be back so soon.

So instead of a project about aupairs, I’m going to be starting up a project about a small rubber/latex/pvc manufacturer right here in Bourne!

Also taking wedding bookings for the summer… Money please! http://www.pearsonweddings.co.uk

If you’re lucky I might share the photos that I entered for the Steve Huff Leica M9 competition (http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/).  To be honest the standard of entries is so high that I’m absolutely ashamed. Must try harder next time.

Now, back to writing up my proposal for this PVC gimp suit manufacturer project. Everyone loves writing proposals, right?


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